Paul Campbell
Campbell Organics Farm, 300+ acers of broad acer crops 

"The Squid Based Plant Nutrient is very easy to work with in sprayers and planters. I found the crop showed visible grow and colour response quickly after applying the product. Having used fish products in the past the squid product is the best replacement I have found. Looking forward to using squid nutrients in other areas of crop nutrient this coming year."

Meng Karbach
Garlic Specialist From Food4Life Market Garden, a Certified Regenerative and Organic Farm

I have been using Seaborn Organics Squid Juice for my garlic farm. There are 3 key factors I notice that are different from other organic sea/animal by products.
1. It does not clog up nozzle spray as it is not oily or sticky
2. There is no fishy smell when sprayed on the ground or plants.
3. My garlic that was not performing well began to catch up in growth after using the Squid Juice in two weeks." 

Cody L
Registered ACMPR and Consultant at Libinski Consulting Company

"When comparing against synthetic salt based nutrients, I found the plants to be much more healthy and resistant. I ran it in a much higher volume and ec content than recommended and had tremendous results. The only changes implemented this season were switching to squid juice for a full feed, and it was simple, effective, and cost efficient. I Would definitely recommend it to my customers who want an all organic simple solution."

Adam H
Sachem International Inc Hemp Farm

"Squid Juice allows even the inexperienced to thrive, it is a complete nutrient and you can’t over feed. Ideal when plants are small and great for foliar spray. We used it for a long time and reported vigorous growth and no leaf damage."

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